Off the Page Episode Two: Reflecting India

Featuring students who participated in the short term study abroad program to India in summer 2012, this special three-part episode includes “Coke Bottle Thieves and Bad Hindu Puns” by Jen Momenzedeh, “Tips for Shopping in India” by Linda Rowe, and “Faces of India” by Nicole Lawler. Hosted by Noreen O’Connor and produced by Sue Henry. (Broadcast 9/9/2012)
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One thought on “Off the Page Episode Two: Reflecting India

  1. I absolutely loved this “Off the Page” segment. It was neat to hear perspectives of India is such a creative way. It was a remarkable coincidence that I decided to listen to this on May 27th the same day the study-abroad group arrived in India a year ago! What a wonderful listening experience it was for me!

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