Album of The Week

Dr.John- Locked Down

Old school pianist and singer Dr.John will release his new album “Locked Down” off of Nonesuch Records on April 3rd. New Orleans native and musical veteran is following the path of many artists now a-days, who are coming out of the shadows of yesteryear and producing albums with some of the hottest producers today. Dan Auerbach, guitarist and singer for the Black Keys produced this album with Dr.John. Locked Down has a funky, tribal feeling that Dr.John is noted for. Producer Dan Auerbach’s contemporary blues sound definitely bleeds through on this album, proving an awesome combination.

The album was recorded in Auerbach’s studio in Nashville, Tenn., with hand picked young musician to add some spice to this old pro’s already lustrous sound. My favorites off this CD include Big Shot, Getaway and the title track, Locked Down.

Make sure to give this album a listen, as it will surely be one of the many fantastic new sounds of the summer to come!!



Emily Sepela

Music Director- WRKC