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  • 23.Oct
  • Show Spotlight: The Phillips Family Fun Time Show
  • IMG_494279061918853

    Pete & Marissa Phillips are not married, but they do host a “family” show on WRKC Wednesdays at 7:00 PM. They became friends who had the same last name many years ago, then took their occasionally witty banter to the airwaves in between half-hour sets of music. The show is known for its many theme shows, like ones related to holidays, dance party shows the first week of every month, and their most attractive and delicious annual event: The Free Cupcake show. Though Pete & Marissa can’t put a finger on the type of music they play, it’s modern and seemingly enjoyed by tens of people each week.

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  • 15.Sep
  • Fr. Carten Retires from RHV
  • FrTommonWRKC’s own champion of decades, Fr. Tom Carten, has retired from his daily broadcast, The Radio Home Visitor. For well over 30 years, Fr. Carten has spoken into the ears of many listeners in the program he built to reach the homebound and visually impaired. Working with hundreds of other voices, programs, and mini-discs over the years, his impact on WRKC, King’s College, and the individuals he read to is certainly undeniable. We’ll miss Fr. Carten, though the RHV goes on with our General Manager coordinating efforts so far.

    Read more about Fr. Carten’s retirement at The Citizen’s Voice.

  • Music

  • 05.Feb
  • Frightened Rabbit Wants Us to Be Brave
  • fright-rabbit-ped-verseFrightened Rabbit is a Scottish band that steadily continues to impress, and their latest release, Pedestrian Verse, is no exception. At its core, it is a somewhat pedestrian release, in that it represents common people’s issues, problems, and experiences. (more…)

  • 04.Feb
  • Eels still happy; album not as awesome
  • eels-WGThough it may be cruel to wish ill on those you admire, I sort of want Mark Oliver Everitt (E) to channel his tragedy to make another masterpiece. Like many aging musicians, he’s gotten more peaceful and cute on his recent endeavors. (more…)


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